For a first meeting with a potential customer, it is advisable to bring a gift item. This act creates a favourable common ground and helps you a lot during the negotiation.

Why offer a company gift?

There are many reasons why companies offer a corporate gift for a specific time. Gift items are one of the most effective ways to gain a competitive edge. From a marketing perspective, they are very practical for boosting the visibility of a brand or company. During customer prospecting, this small gesture leaves its mark and increases the chance of success of the campaign. Customer loyalty remains the most effective method to keep your company's performance. Therefore, a small gift promotes the bond between you and your customers.

Choosing the right targets for a corporate gift

Who to give a corporate gift to? Every marketing decision has a specific objective. The choice of the recipient of a corporate gift must take into account various factors. Currently, a wide range of promotional items are available on the internet to help you in your marketing strategy. You can give a gift item to your regular customers. Consumers greatly admire this gesture. Promotional goodies such as pens, key rings, notepads, USB sticks... are becoming very practical for this type of customer. Gift items such as bags, polo shirts... are suitable for strategic customers. Consider gifts of an interesting value to strengthen the relationship with them. During an advertising campaign, simple customers deserve goodies on which your imprint should appear. Employees are on the list of people to consider. Choose the best time to give them a gift item. Take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself (the end of a campaign, the end of the year, the start of a brand launch, the renewal of a contract...).

A few points not to be missed

Remember that gift items should be chosen in relation to the marketing objective and the recipients. The design and the quality of the item are very important, as it will convey your image. The longer the life of the object, the longer your image will remain on display. Opt for gift items that are useful in everyday life. It is very important that the gift item arrives in the right person's hand at the right time. Take care of the delivery costs. Food has many constraints (allergy, tolerance...). Avoid food and care products as much as possible if possible.