Do you want to invest in personalised promotional gifts to effectively relay your corporate message to your targets? There are many manufacturers on the market. The question arises: how to find a supplier of promotional items that will suit your project? Follow these tips to choose the professional who will meet your expectations.

The reactivity of the service provider

The first thing you need to do is to go for a responsive facility. Dynamism is a key point in the design of promotional objects. Indeed, if you turn to an active supplier, you can be sure that your order will be completed on time. To test the reactivity of a provider : - Try to contact him by email or on his website. If the latter answers you as soon as possible (within an hour maximum), it means that the supplier you have chosen is reliable; - Ask for a quote. If you get an immediate answer, it simply means that the company does not have many orders. It is therefore not very credible. If you are looking for an original promotional item, you can, for example, opt for caps or design a customised notebook. Bookblock helps you to create your advertising agendas.

The creativity of the service provider

Creativity is also a detail not to be neglected when choosing a supplier of promotional items. It is a point that will allow you to measure the quality of the service of the provider. In this case, there are two elements to take into consideration: - Firstly, he must be able to offer you a captivating product, - Secondly, it must also be able to provide you with a quality and original advertising object, while respecting your budget.


The third and final element that you must consider is transparency. Your service provider must let you know the total price of your order as soon as the work begins. Sometimes, in order to get the attention of customers, suppliers are accustomed to displaying a very low call price. The announced prices are therefore always lower than the final cost on the quotation. There are two reasons for this: - In general, prices vary according to the color of your logo and the number of orders you are going to make. It is therefore impossible to announce an exact price; - Apart from the price of the Goodies, you also have to pay a shipping fee.