Be aware that giving gifts to each other is considered a sign of friendship and is a way of discussion, therefore, the corporate gift should be a priority for the company.

Varieties of choice in corporate gifts

The varieties of corporate gifts are very wide. It all depends on the company in question, the situation facing the company and the type of person the gift is intended for. Giving gifts demonstrates to your employees and recipients how important they are to you so that your collaboration can continue and flourish. There is no shortage of opportunities to give gifts, there are many festive days during the year, but also during the celebration of important events in the company such as the celebration of a new partnership or the inauguration of new company-related infrastructure, or conferences. You can choose notebooks, they are efficient, because it is a very useful working tool and easily customizable by putting your slogan or your photo logo, create a unique personalized notebook with your company's image.

Why opt for a corporate gift?

When you get to a point where your company seems to be falling apart, there are always solutions. A corporate gift is a marketing and team building tool, but also during the celebration of an important event in the company, for example the celebration of a new partnership or the inauguration of new infrastructures linked to the company. It is also a kind of passive advertising. Team building when it comes to the different ways and approaches to weld and motivate employees in order to increase the company's internal production. How could a simple gift bring such benefits? The corporate gift should be considered as a corporate philosophy.

What type of gift should you choose?

The corporate gift can be seen as a good way of investment and relational enhancement of the conference. The personalization of gifts is not a bad idea, the useful accessories that everyone wears, they are small, but are effective marketing tools. Filled baskets are also the most chosen by many. The loyalty of your customers depends on them. To know the type of gift you should choose, you need to analyze certain criteria. First of all, if your recipients are your own employees, it is important to know that it is not necessary to offer them different gifts. You therefore have the choice of gifts that will satisfy men more than women. Products that the company makes itself can also be offered as a company gift, and travel is also preferred by older people, without being seen as corruption. Gifts that appear to be collector's items should be avoided. The Castelli notebook happens to be a gift voucher, indexed and numbered, with a bookmark ribbon and a gusseted pocket as a briefcase, its original presentation with colourful page edges and seams that bring out its elegance, the materials used are materials that contribute to the protection of the environment while at the same time being a branded product made in Italy.