Maintaining an excellent relationship with its partners is essential for the smooth running of a company. Decision-makers are busy looking for techniques to further strengthen an exemplary agreement. Building supplier loyalty through corporate gifts is a worthwhile initiative.

Form of gifts

In order to produce the greatest possible effect, the gift to be given must be chosen carefully. The most meaningful gesture is to give a personalised gift with the company name and logo. This form of gift also has the added benefit of enhancing the company's reputation. Including the name of the beneficiary on the gift also shows the esteem in which the company is held. It is necessary to take into account the taste of the receiver and try to give an object that is useful and of repeated use. A judicious choice is an effective way to maintain a fruitful relationship between the person and the company on an ongoing basis. The gift can also take an immaterial form, an invitation to an event or a restaurant is a great idea.

The choice of the moment

The timing of the gift is of particular importance in order to better touch the person. Many companies choose the holiday season to build supplier loyalty through corporate gifts. This decision is often dictated by the festive atmosphere that prevails during this period. But giving a gift can also be decided during the celebration of an important event. It can, for example, be perceived as a sign of a few years of frank collaboration between the two parties. In other cases, the gift may symbolise the launch of a new product, the result of an excellent partnership. Some companies opt to give gifts at product promotion fairs or at various events.


The most realistic procedure is to hand-deliver the gift to the recipient. This is presented as a mark of respect and allows the donor to explain the meaning of the attitude. Alternatively, the gift can be delivered by the company's courier. However, this must be preceded by a telephone call and the package must be accompanied by an explanatory note. The gift can also be delivered in a more official and event-based setting. It can be done during a trade fair, an economic event, or during the celebration of any event. Inviting the person to a restaurant to give the gift is also a more courteous practice in such situations.