An advertising object is used to build customer loyalty and to find new customers. It can take the form of a simple accessory or a valuable gift. However, the price of each object must be taken into account to carry out the advertising campaign. Here are some of the costs of an advertising object.

Textile advertising objects

Textile advertising objects include T-shirts, caps, the traditional canvas advertising bag, towels and scarves. They have the advantages: - they are of direct use to the customers to whom they are given, because they can be worn daily and thus they will be a permanent advertisement, - and be beneficial to the company that distributes them, as they are not very expensive and have a huge influence on future customers. These textile products are very often produced in relatively large batches in countries with low labour costs, such as China or India. The cost of these promotional items depends on the suppliers' margins and marking techniques and can vary between 1.5-4 euros.

Electronic and computer items

In this other category is, of course, the advertising USB flash drive, which has become very classic. Other products include presentation DVDs, mouse pads, customised cleaning sponges for cleaning computer screens and the shells of electronic devices. These objects are also useful, especially for the advertising USB flash drive, if its memory capacity is large enough. The object in question is really useful to the extent that the customer will use it on a regular basis, with the advantage for the company to permanently display its logo and brand. The average price of a USB stick is 3 euros per unit.

Classic promotional items

The classic advertising objects also qualify as mid-range. These include pens, pencils, mugs and key rings. The advertising pen, for example, is one of the most popular promotional items among mid-range products. It is very useful even though screens and keyboards have almost taken its place. - You can buy a promotional pen for about 0.5 euro. - Business gifts: these are objects used for long-term use, they are chosen according to the taste and activity of the person to whom they are going to be given. In terms of price, business gifts are significantly more expensive than the average promotional item. As a result, they are generally more delicate and are only designed for specific persons or institutions. The price of business gifts such as office supplies or textiles varies between 0.5 and 5 euros each. For an exceptional promotional gift, such as high-tech equipment, DIY tools or luxury items, the price ranges from 10 to 100 euros each.