An advertising object is used to build customer loyalty and to find new customers. It can take the form of a simple accessory or a valuable gift. However, the price of each object must be taken into account to carry out the advertising campaign. Discover in this article the cost of advertising object.

Advertising textiles

Advertising textiles are attracting more and more followers. But what is it exactly? It's actually an advertising object made from a fabric. They can take the form of t-shirts, bags, caps, scarves or even towels. The main advantage of this type of product is that it is not expensive. So companies do not need to make a huge expense for their advertising. The cost of advertising textiles depends on the suppliers' margin and the type of marking used. It can vary between EUR 1.5 and EUR 4. Note: Most of the time, advertising textiles are manufactured in countries where the price of labour is rather low, in India or China.

Electronic objects

Apart from textiles, electronic gadgets are also excellent promotional items. In fact, they have become very popular. If you want to turn to this type of gadget, you can choose between a DVD, a sponge for cleaning computer screens, a mouse pad, a shell for smartphones, a powerbank, a USB stick, a wireless earphone, a cup warmer, a magnetic bracelet or a charger. At the moment, the trend is to opt for a USB stick. According to some companies, this small gadget is a formidable weapon to attract new customers. What's more, it costs only 3 euros on average.

Other types of promotional objects

Pens, mugs, pencils, pencils, key rings, calendars, notepads or diaries are also excellent advertising media. In addition, they are sold at a very reasonable price. For example, an advertising pen costs about 0.5 euro.

Another alternative: business gifts

Business gifts are objects used for long-term use. They are chosen according to the taste and activity of the person to whom they are given. In terms of price, business gifts are significantly more expensive than the average promotional item. They are generally more delicate and are only intended for specific persons or institutions. The price of business gifts, such as office supplies or textiles, varies between 0.5 and 5 euros each. For an exceptional promotional gift, such as high-tech equipment, DIY tools or luxury items, the price ranges from 10 to 100 euros each.