There are several reasons why a company may want to offer business gifts. They are often intended for customers, business partners and employees. However, they are not offered at all times and on all occasions. What is the ideal context for offering business gifts? Find the answer in the following article.

On what occasion should you offer a business gift?

A corporate gift is often offered during the holiday season. It is mainly used to build loyalty among the company's customers and business partners. Ideally, give the gift around mid-December. At that time, the recipients are not yet on holiday. Apart from the Christmas and New Year holidays, the time of contract signature is also a good time to offer a company gift. On this occasion, the present seals the partnership between the company and its employee. As such, pens and goodies are appropriate accessories for the event. If the gift is intended to build customer loyalty, opt instead for an object that is both personal and sober (a bottle of wine or champagne, for example).

How do I send a corporate gift?

There are several ways to send a corporate gift. If the gift is given at the end of the year, it can be sent by post to the recipient's home. You can add a greeting card to personalize the sending. But for more impact, nothing beats personal contact. If possible, it is therefore better to opt for hand-delivery. To make sure you don't forget anyone, draw up a schedule. If the business gift is offered on the occasion of the conclusion of a contract, it should be hand-delivered. Your business partner will certainly appreciate this mark of attention on your part. This will strengthen your business ties.

Why offer a business gift?

In an era of ever-changing marketing, business gifts are on the rise. It's a good way to show your gratitude to the recipients. A business gift also allows the company to build customer loyalty and get closer to its business partners. It also improves the company's notoriety and reputation. Just be sure to choose a gift that will please the recipient. The present must be adapted to the recipient. Always give priority to quality. If your budget allows, nothing beats a top-of-the-range corporate gift, such as a leather goods item.