The arrival of a new baby in the family is important and adorable. It brings a lot of joy but it also brings a lot of responsibility for the parents. It is customary all over the world to welcome a newborn baby with gifts from family members or close friends that can be simple and original. Find out what can be given as a baby's birth gift.

A sound album and a personalized birth gift box

A sound album is a nice souvenir gift. There are small pages to paste pictures. It has two buttons for listening and recording. Parents can mark the baby's first whispers, first words, and even the baby's first tantrums. It's easy to use because you can delete a sound to record another sound. Another gift for the birth of a baby, in the birth box there are small objects such as a small drawer to put the birth bracelet, a secret box and another box with an album that opens in 2 parts to put your photos.

A few hours of cleaning and bringing food for the parents

After the birth, the mother is tired, the father starts labour and the baby cries calmly in his crib. The parents need help to clean the house. The right solution is to call in a professional to help them. It's an original baby birth gift too, if you come with the food, with their prepared meals, small desserts. The young parents will be happy to welcome you in their home, even if it is a simple dish.

The presence of the family and mother-baby massage

Another idea for a baby's birth gift is to simply surround the parents with family and friends, because they need help with cooking and a few hours of housework: ironing, washing dishes, laundry. The mother really needs this help so that she can get some rest. She has certainly suffered a lot throughout the pregnancy and during the delivery, so she is very tired. She needs a massage and even the baby itself is also tired. This massage is ideal because the mother needs to relax, so a masseur at home can be used as a gift.