Nowadays, the t-shirt is the most common piece of clothing. However, everyone buys it differently depending on their preference. Everyone has his or her own taste, whether it be in terms of brand range, size, type and colour. It is therefore difficult to guess what kind of t-shirt to give when you want to give gifts to your loved ones. Would a personalised t-shirt be a better idea? Find out why to give a personalised t-shirt, how to personalise a t-shirt and what types of personalisation can be done.

Why give a personalised t-shirt?

Did you know that you can now offer a gift with a special message to your loved ones? Yes, many personalised t-shirts are now available on the market. But why choose this type of gift? Quite simply because it's an original and very affordable gift. The personalized t-shirt is a must to satisfy your friends, your sister, your mother, your brother, your father or even your neighbors. Nothing is more pleasing than an individual gift with a personal touch. What's more, it gives everyone the comfort of being exceptional.

How do you customize a t-shirt?

If you are an association or a company that wishes to offer t-shirts to all the members of your team, you can proceed to the personalization of your gift. To do so, you are advised to follow the following steps: First choose a t-shirt. Ideally, choose a good quality fabric. This will give you a nice impression. For example, you can go for cotton. Then take the time to choose the text or photo you want to print on the t-shirt. Be creative and original. Once you have completed these steps, you can choose the type of print you will use.

Types of personalization

Currently, there are several types of customization, namely : - screen printing: this is the most economical and sustainable solution; - Embroidery: this is a traditional type of personalization; - Pad printing: it offers a very good quality print; - digital transfer or digital personalization: at the moment, this is the most popular and recommended method. In short, the personalised t-shirt is an original gift. It can be offered to all generations and for all types of occasions (birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.).