The competition between companies is changing the marketing strategies used. Business gifts are no exception to this trend and are gaining ground thanks to technological developments.

What business gifts to offer?

It is very easy to combine business gifts and marketing strategy. This makes it possible to mark the spirit of the partners with a positive note on your company. A gift gives customers and employees an insight into the company. This visibility is an effective weapon against competitors. At, many types of gifts are still available. Whether it's a mug in the company's colours, a t-shirt or personalised accessories, the choice of business gifts is still wide. In many areas, luxury business gifts are still valid for customers with high purchasing power, but are a huge burden on the company. This is why, among the whole range of gifts, the personalised diary stands out from the other options. This diary takes effect at the beginning of the year when employees choose their professional tools.

When to offer business gifts?

Choosing the right moment determines the effectiveness of business gifts. Offered at the wrong time, the notion of gift loses all its meaning. Only the surprise effect gives customers a positive image that encourages them to buy. Often, holiday periods are ideal occasions to surprise customers. This also strengthens the company's position vis-à-vis its competitors. Also, the festivities and celebrations of a new year give rational reasons to offer useful gifts to customers. No other possibility can replace the need to buy a personalised diary at the beginning of the year. This marks the spirit of the consumers and already provides sales opportunities throughout the year.

Many advantages of business gifts

With the aim of satisfying as many customers as possible, business gifts help to build good customer relations. Firstly, these objects are a reminder of the company's existence, which gives increased visibility. Secondly, business gifts are inexpensive. This strategic tool has great potential. Their profitability, proven by the strong enthusiasm of customers, justifies their effectiveness. With a minimal marketing budget, the use of the customizable agenda gives results that exceed expectations. It guarantees a very high memorization rate concerning a company or a brand. Thirdly, these strategic objects open up numerous possibilities for prospecting. According to statistics, the majority of people who have signed up to the business gift concept have returned to buy products or benefit from services. In short, a well-maintained customer relationship preserves the quality of exchanges and customer loyalty.