Unique business gifts

Business gifts as a marketing tool

A pen and a stylus

Classy gift

This ballpoint pen converts to a touch screen pen. No more plastic, its body is usually made of bamboo and metal.

A customised notebook


How about a custom-made notebook from Business Book Block for instance? Definitely a classy and practical gift!

A box for photo enthusiasts


It offers the essentials for any urban adventurer who loves instant photos: charges, Bluetooth selfie stick, etc.

Coffee in a bag or a jar


There are complete series of boxes for lovers of hot drinks. Offer such a gift to any coffee lover with whom you work.

Original USB gadgets


They are original small cheap business gifts that will please all those who spend time in front of the computer!

Wine and spirits box


It’s a great classic in corporate gifts. Please your customers and partners with wine tasting accessories!

Why offer an original business gift?

Enhance connections

Offering a gift allows you to build loyalty, to please, to show a certain gratitude, to remind you of your existence…The customer gift also allows you to keep good relations and to perpetuate business, you must also know how to offer one for one at the right time. Offering original business gifts is an effective way to engage your customers, especially if the reward is attractive, personalized and original. It is also a real marketing tool that is often inexpensive and appreciated by customers. It would be a shame not to use this marketing tool.

Customized gifts with your own logo

Make yourself known

The impact of a personalised corporate gift

Reinforce customer loyalty

A personalised business gift is an effective marketing tool that always leaves a good impression. That’s why it is also a crucial part of your marketing mix. Not to mention the fact that useful business gifts often remain within reach of the recipient. Are you having your gift personalised with your logo and/or an original message? It’s the ideal way to boost your brand awareness. Although television commercials are often neglected and flyers are regularly thrown away, personalised business gifts are welcomed with open arms.

Corporate gift themes

A variety of types

Gastronomy and cuisine


Beauty and health



Office gifts

A gift for every occasion

Christmas, product launch,...

On what occasion should you think of a corporate gift?

There's never a bad time!

At the end of the year: This is the perfect time to express your gratitude to your customers.
Concluding an important deal: The signing of a contract is an opportunity to strengthen the budding commercial bond.
For the launch of a new product or service offer: Giving a gift at the launch is an excellent way to increase the impact of your offer in the minds of your customers.
During a trade show: It’s a classic. It’s all about small objects and promotional items personalised with your brand. An interesting lever to open the doors of dialogue and to remind your contact persons later on.

Buying business gifts without breaking the bank

Tips to buy on the cheap

What about your budget?

No need to break the bank!

Whether you’re going for a personalized gift or not, the business gift market offers a plethora of choices. Everyone will find the ideal product or service, within their budget, depending on the person to whom it is addressed, their tastes, the occasion for which it will be offered, etc. As we have just seen: to its value in your client portfolio.

Prices start from a few euros for promotional items (USB keys, pens…) to several hundred euros, or even much more for prestigious gifts (luxury watches, trips, vintage wines…).

Business gifts are an often effective boost for business relations

As important as they have ever been!